Music Monday: Edith Piaf and Grimes (What Else Do You Need?)

Two Lenny editors share what's in their headphones this week.

This week's Music Monday is short and sweet, but that doesn't make it any less badass!

What Doreen St.Félix, Editor-at-Large, is listening to:

On the East Coast, fall has been unseasonably warm, leaving me with a want I hadn't anticipated: I want cold weather. I want to wear scarves, long coats, and to complain about beautiful snow. By the finicky grace of global warming, this morning, I woke up to a crisp forty-degree-world. I thought to listen to some music that exemplifies that lovely dreary autumn feeling, and so I pulled up Edith Piaf's "Autumn Leaves." The song is sensual, timeless, a little mournful and the perfect soundtrack to watching the leaves finally make their descent.

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What Laia Garcia, Associate Editor, is listening to: 

Last week Grimes released her much-anticipated album Art Angels. Her last record, Visions, which came out in 2012 became so indispensable in my life that I was a little scared to listen to this new one—what if I didn't like it? But, my fears were dumb and unfounded because Art Angels is SO GOOD! Imagine all the best things about Pop and R&B from like, the late 90s and mix it with Grimes' weirdo futuristic vibes and you've got a perfect mix of sounds that will make you dance and feel things. "Flesh without Blood" has already become one of my favorites, I bet you won't be able to listen to it just once.

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