Lenny Letter No. 103

Lena and Jenni: Best Friends and Business Owners
Lenny's co-founders talk starting a new business after their success with HBO's Girls, how to distinguish their side hustles and front...

In this issue of Lenny: Lena and Jenni talk about starting a business with your best friend as part of our Extraordinary Women series with Cole Haan; Alex Ronan interviews The Nanny costume designer Brenda Cooper; Elizabeth Greenwood reveals what she learned from cheating on her boyfriend; Maisy Card writes about how her Jamaican mother came to terms with her American boyfriend; and Alice Driver reports on human trafficking and migrant mothers at the US-Mexico border.

"The Nanny" Costume Designer's Fran Fine Formula
Brenda Cooper talks about dressing an icon, emergency trips to Neiman Marcus, and where all those clothes went.
When My Jamaican Mother Met My American Boyfriend
"You think you white."
A Mother's Truth at the U.S.-Mexico Border
Understanding migration at the U.S.-Mexico border is about more than border control.
What Cheating on My Boyfriend Taught Me
A lesson in self-delusion and empathy.
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