Lenny Letter No. 105

The Heretical Teenager Dropped From History Books
Throne-usurping Lady Jane Grey is painted as either a saint or a sinner. The reality is much more fascinating.

In this week's issue of Lenny: author Kayla Rae Whitaker writes about her crippling imposter syndrome; Well-Read Black Girl founder Glory Edim writes about founding her book club; historical novelist Philippa Gregory schools us on Lady Jane Grey; and artist Genevieve Gaignard talks about how her work confronts race and gender.

The Artist Playing With Racial Perceptions
Genevieve Gaignard uses herself as the canvas to explore race and femininity.
How I Built a Community From an Idea on a T-Shirt
The founder of Well-Read Black Girl on what it takes to start a movement of book lovers and still have a full-time job.
The Impostor Syndrome That Almost Brought Me Down
I thought getting a novel published would make me elated. Instead, it created crippling self-doubt.
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