Lenny Letter No. 107

How to Turn Career Challenges Into Opportunities
Cali Williams Yost, founder and CEO of the Flex+Strategy Group, on how extraordinary women can make pivots in their work and life.

In this issue of Lenny: couples therapist Esther Perel writes about women who are trying to fulfill their deepest desires by having affairs; career strategist Cali Williams Yost solves our readers' most pressing work problems; actress and playwright Danai Gurira writes about the global crisis of girls' education; illustrator Naï Zakharia takes us along on her trip to the Svalbard archipelago; and Grace Dunham interviews the singer Sophie B. Hawkins.

Discover This Mysterious Arctic Archipelago
An artist explores the abandoned regions of the Svalbard archipelago.
Sophie B. Hawkins: Omnisexual Before It Was Cool
An interview with musician Sophie B. Hawkins.
Three Surprising Truths About Female Sexuality
Three surprising truths about female sexuality.
How You Can Help With the Education Gender Gap
Danai Gurira on how you can help with the education gender gap around the world.
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