Lenny Letter No. 110

Harriet Beecher Stowe and Charlotte Brontë's Ghost
What happens when lady novelists appear as apparitions.

In this week's issue: Legendary rock star, poet, and artist Patti Smith talks about her new exhibit in Mexico City; Alyssa Shelasky writes about having sex as a single mom; novelist Lidia Yuknavitch salutes Lady Liberty; journalist Elva Ramirez opens up about the pay gap that made her quit her job at The Wall Street Journal; and historian at large Alexis Coe investigates the time that the ghost of Charlotte Brontë haunted Harriet Beecher Stowe.

The Statue of Liberty Is a Symbol for the Misfits
Author Lidia Yuknavitch salutes Lady Liberty.
The Gender Pay Gap Happened to Me. Now What?
I spent ten years at The Wall Street Journal, and I was paid less than someone else for the same job.
Sex and the Single Mom
Having a baby on my own didn't put a damper on dating (though it did include orgasmic Michael Keaton pregnancy dreams).
Patti Smith Gets Radical in Mexico City
As her photographs and a poem crop up in unexpected venues across Mexico City the punk poet talks Frida and Diego, the death of the...
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