Lenny Letter No. 112

Joy Bryant: My Mother, and the Legacy of Abuse
The actress on the sexual assault that has affected her family.

In this issue of Lenny: actress Joy Bryant writes about her family's legacy of sexual assault; Linda Rosenkrantz investigates what went wrong with an ex-boyfriend; Angely Mercado reflects on the Dominican tradition of memorializing death; Jaclyn Friedman does a deep dive into how the religious right wasn't always obsessed with abortion; and new recipes from the cookbook Hot Mess Kitchen.

My Ex-Boyfriend Admits to Acting Like a Little Boy
In a new comic series, author Linda Rosenkrantz investigates what went wrong with her ex-boyfriends.
Three Recipes to Help You Rise Above Self-Doubt
Even the hottest of messes deserve a nice meal.
Learning About Mortality From My Mother
Mami is always dying, but she's not actually sick — she's just Dominican.
How the Religious Right Broke Into Our Bedrooms
They weren't always obsessed with abortion and sexual freedom. Here's how it happened.
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