Lenny Letter No. 113

I Filmed My First Nude Scene At 50 and Loved It
Actress Becky Ann Baker on what it was like to be nude on screen for the first time.

In this issue of Lenny: actress Becky Ann Baker writes about what it was like to shoot her first nude scene in her 50s ; Tahirah Hairston profiles daring, inventive, always innovative designer Rachel Comey; Elisabeth Donnelly takes on the brave new world of genetic testing; Jasmin Rosemberg dives into on how family legacies of abuse, hurt, and downright sociopathy can affect us in ways we don't even realize; and Lauren LeBrig writes about rediscovering a novel from 1999 about celebrity and the Internet called The Metaphysical Touch.

How Congress Is Trying To Sell Your DNA
They're considering something called the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act. Here's why it's terrifying and wrong.
Following in a Sociopathic Parent's Path 
Discovering how my father's romantic transgressions echoed his father's led me to take a hard look at my own life.
The 90s Book That Predicted Internet Celebrity
The Metaphysical Touch by Sylvia Brownrigg predicted the boom of Internet celebrity and the intimacy of online communities.
Rachel Comey Is the Designer Women Need Right Now
A profile of the authentic, feminist fashion star and her collaborative, inclusive process.
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