Lenny Letter No. 115

December Horoscopes Are Here
"The less you expect of the next year, the more exciting, surprising, and, well, deep it's going to be."

In this week's issue: Lolly Bowean writes about the history of slavery that lingers in her surname; Rachel Seville Tashjian on manicures; a guide for how to avoid the flu this season; an interview with the pioneer of Mexico's feminist art movement; and December horoscopes.

How to Protect Yourself This Flu Season
The truth is you can get sick any time of year — here's how to take care of yourself during winter.
The Unspoken History Behind a Surname
When you're a black American, the legacy of slavery lingers everywhere.
The Long-Lasting Lustrous Manicure Lifestyle
Is a pristine manicure better than a Vermeer? Our beauty columnist ponders the question.
The Pioneer of Mexico's Feminist Art Movement
Mónica Mayer, a pioneer of Mexico's feminist art movement, on the 40 years she's spent making art about women's experiences from motherhood...
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