Lenny Letter No. 28

Stop Telling Me I Should Have Kids
Actress Joy Bryant shares what people say to her when they find out she's never going to be a mom.

In Lenny Letter No. 28: Joy Bryant writes about all the asinine things people say when they find out that she doesn't want to be a mom, Kendra James shares what fan fiction taught her about sex, a breathtaking photo essay by Alice Zoo, an essay by Deputy Editor Laia Garcia about how buying vintage designer clothes makes her feel like she's living her best grown-up life, and a new batch of Lennyscopes by Melissa Broder.

Learning to Appreciate My Chamber of Secrets
A writer reflects on what reading fan fiction taught her about sex.
The Eternal March of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo
A photojournalist celebrates the women who have been protesting the disappearance of their children for decades.
Shopping for Gifts from the Universe
How buying vintage designer clothes from your teen years can make you feel like you're living your best grown-up life.
April Lennyscopes
Melissa Broder's existential predictions for this month.
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