Lenny Letter No. 31

How It Ends
A journalist reflects on reentering the U.S. after being a war correspondent in the Middle East.

In Lenny Letter No. 31: Amanda Peet on aging under the spotlight, Kelly McEvers reflects on reentering the U.S. after spending years as a war correspondent in the Middle East, Lena Dunham shares two must-try recipes, Tami Sagher unpacks the complex impact of dysmorphia and eating disorders in a dysfunctional friendship, and Deputy Editor Laia Garcia catches up with Grace Coddington in an intriguing interview.

Anorexic Alice and Her Fat Former Friend
A writer unpacks her dysfunctional friendship and the disorders that shaped it.
A Grilled Cheese Recipe for the Indulgent Hippie
Lena Dunham shares her favorite recipes from The Butcher's Daughter.
Grace Coddington's Next Act
The fashion icon discusses her new life as a freelancer, and her secret power move (hint it involves her hair).
Amanda Peet: Never Crossing the Botox Rubicon
It's painfully obvious, but I'm still ashamed to admit this: I care about my looks.
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