Lenny Letter No. 38

When Our Fathers Left
What it's like to have a real-life Don Draper as your dad.

In Lenny Letter No. 38: Roxane Gay on race, crime, and Brock Turner, Lena Waithe reflects on the vintage tee that helped her find her fashion identity, an excerpt from Lisa Hanawalt's 'Hot Dog Taste Test,' Editor at Large Mikki Halpin shares what it's like to have a real-life Don Draper as your dad, and an essay by Rachel Katz of the David Lynch Foundation about how transcendental meditation can help domestic-violence survivors heal.

White Crime
On race, crime, and Brock Turner.
How Transcendental Meditation Helps Survivors of Domestic Violence
The benefit of finding solace from trauma through meditation.
Lisa Hanawalt's 'Hot Dog Taste Test'
Get to know the weird and wonderful world of the artist and Bojack Horseman production designer.
Finding My Fashion Identity with One Old T-shirt
How a vintage tee helped an actress realize that fashion could be more than wearing the latest labels.
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