Lenny Letter No. 48

Georgia Lerner Is Keeping Women Out of Jail
The Women's Prison Association prefers intervention over incarceration.

In Lenny Letter No. 48: Taylor Schilling interviews Georgia Lerner of The Women's Prison Association, Sarah Sahim's conversation with engineer Simone Giertz, an essay by Jowita Bydlowska on language and being an immigrant kid trying to fit in, ​​'Little Mosque on the Prairie' creator Zarqa Nawaz reflects on writing a sitcom for Muslims, and the second installment of Quick, Not Dirty by Jolie Kerr.

Finding a Home in Language
An immigrant kid becomes fluent in fitting in.
The Queen of Shitty Robots
If you want your lipstick applied badly, this inventor has the gadget for you.
How to Write a Sitcom About Muslims: Carefully
The creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie had to balance comedy with a feeling of responsibility.
Quick, Not Dirty
Taking care of your shoes, demolishing dust — and more!
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