Lenny Letter No. 60

Hillary Clinton Is More Than a President
She is an idea, a world-historical heroine, light itself.

In Lenny Letter No. 60: Elizabeth Heffernan on why Hillary Clinton is more than a president, an illustrated guide by Hallie Bateman and Dr. Christine Garcia on how to mentally persvere post-Trump, an essay by Symone D. Sanders about the power of using our authentic voices, Ai-jen Poo interviews activist Marisa Franco, and Kelicia Ariel shares how a survival kit for lifes affected by Trump is helping women, POC, immigrants, and the working poor.

How to Hold Anger and Summon Empathy
An illustrated interview with clinical psychologist Dr. Christine Garcia about how to mentally persevere post-Trump.
Using Our Authentic Voices
Leaning in to who you are and harnessing your political power, now more than ever.
Transforming Pain Into Power
How activist Marisa Franco helped unseat anti-immigrant Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Survival Kit for Lives Affected by Trump
A living document of things women, POC, immigrants, the working poor, and the people who love them can do to keep going.
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