Lenny Letter No. 72

Hello, My Name Is _______
How I learned to stop whitewashing myself.

In Lenny Letter No. 72: Lena Dunham writes about how shooting the sex scenes in GIRLS have helped her, Jason Kim writes about wanting to shed his South Korean identity as a young boy, then rekindling it years later in college, Lauren Bohn catches us up with Ibtisam Masto, a Syrian refugee she interviewed for LENNY last year, a poem by J. Hope Stein in honor of Sylvia Plath's 85th birthday, and Melissa Broder's monthly existential horoscopes.

Ted & Sylvia
A poem by J. Hope Stein.
February Horoscopes
"It's important to do things that seemingly have no significance whatsoever other than the pleasure of doing them."
Lena Dunham on the Healing Power of Sexual Fantasy
On the Healing Power of Sexual Fantasy
I Have Faith This Country Will Keep Its Doors Open
An interview with Cincinnati, Ohio-based Syrian refugee Ibtisam Masto
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