Lenny Letter No. 81

On Coming to Terms With My Alcoholism
Lilliam Rivera was convinced that Latinas don't have drinking problems. Until she faced the fact that she was one who did.

In this issue of Lenny: Krysta Rodriguez writes about giving up what it means to be a woman to fight off breast cancer; Jess McIntosh faces her right-wing conspiracist father; Alexis Coe examines a historic letter sent to Coretta Scott King after her husband's assassination; Jennifer Epperson finally embraces her natural hair; and Lilliam Rivera comes to terms with her alcoholism.

Coretta Scott King Kept Her Husband's Spirit Alive
A historic letter sent to Coretta Scott King after the assassination of her husband reveals the courage of a new widow who knew that the...
When Good Hair Is Natural Hair
On finally embracing natural hair after years of pressure to keep it straight.
My Dad Is a Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist
One writer reflects on how she can have a relationship with her father after learning he believes in Pizzagate.
Krysta Rodriguez on Womanhood After Breast Cancer
The actress grapples with early menopause in the wake of a battle with breast cancer.
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