Lenny Letter No. 83

Why Black Sex Matters
An interview with the artist and activist Kristiana Rae Colón about "how pleasure shapes visions of liberation."

In this issue, country music star Maren Morris talks moving the genre beyond its sexist, female stereotypes; an investigation into a murder in Iceland and how it's affecting women's fear of assault; why black sex matters; killer brunch recipes from beloved restaurant Jack's Wife Freda; and an interview with Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols.

Killer Brunch Recipes from Jack's Wife Freda
Level: Easy
To-die-for Bloody Mary mussels and a nectarine-and-plum crisp — washed down with a melon mimosa.
Star Trek's Role Model for Women in Science
How the interstellar legend became a role model for women of color in both science and Hollywood.
Maren Morris Is Moving Country Music Forward
The Grammy Award-winning artist is expanding women's role in country beyond scorned lover or coy virgin.
A Murder in Iceland Sparks Fear Amongst Women
How the death of Birna Brjánsdóttir made women in Reykjavik more afraid of assault.
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