Lenny Letter No. 85

When a Type-A Mom Has Laid-Back Children
A mother embraces the "caj" side of her kids.

In this issue of Lenny: Gabby Sidibe gets dissed by a saleswoman at Chanel; Kirsten Greenidge talks being a type-A mom with laid-back kids; documentary filmmaker Erin Lee Carr explores her dark side; Amy Kurzweil learns to love the clothes her mother bought her; and Meaghan Clark discovers her Serbian grandmother through recipes she left behind.

Why I Tell Stories About Cannibals and Murderers
Documentary filmmaker Erin Lee Carr on why she explores the dark side.
Learning to Love the Clothes My Mother Bought Me
How a mother and daughter's lifetime of fashion clashes reached a d├ętente.
Lessons From My Serbian Grandmother's Cookbook
Level: Easy
A recipe for sour cream coffee cake from the archives.
When Gabourey Sidibe Got Dissed By a Saleswoman
The actress is almost turned away at Chanel, until the saleswoman figures out Gabby is famous.
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