Lenny Letter No. 86

The High Schooler Fighting for Trans Equality
The high-school senior suing his school district for its bathroom policy vows to continue his activism after graduation.

In this issue of Lenny: Amber Tamblyn on learning to trust her gut as a woman in Hollywood; beauty columnist Rachel Seville Tashjian on makeovers; an interview with astrologer Chani Nicholas; 17-year-old trans activist Gavin Grimm on why he's fighting for transgender rights; and an interview with science writer Sharon Begley on compulsion and social media.

Amber Tamblyn On Female Intuition in Hollywood
The actress, writer, and director learns to listen to her gut after years of being told she's wrong.
Rethinking the Makeover
Girl, it's time for a new gait.
How to Make Astrology Your Day Job
The cult-favorite horoscope scribe Chani Nicholas on using astrology as a tool for liberation and healing.
Is Your Social-Media Habit a Diagnosable Disorder?
An interview with Sharon Begley, the author of Can't Just Stop: An Investigation of Compulsion.
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