Lenny Letter No. 91

Jill Soloway Is a "Weird Girl"
Writer and director Jill Soloway on weaponizing weirdness through their work.

In this issue of Lenny: "Transparent" creator Jill Soloway on embracing their weirdness to make art; an essay on why democratic unity is nothing without women; Chelsea Martin on the uselessness of her art degree; American Gods star Yetide Badaki on pushing back against gendered expectations; and how one writer got over her wish to only have boys.

Why Democratic Unity Is Nothing Without Women
Women are the backbone of the Democratic Party, and we need to be treated that way.
How I Navigate Art School Debt
On navigating my art school debt hole.
Why I'm Done Being Quiet About Gender Expectations
American Gods star Yetide Badaki pushes back against a lifetime of conditioned expectations for girls.
How Having a Girl Taught Me About My Own Biases
I had hoped for a boy, but now I'm raising a couple of fierce females.
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