Lenny Letter No. 92

Lena Dunham Gets Real with Janet Mock
A discussion between friends about every controversy, every learning moment, and every apology.

In this issue of Lenny: Senator Kamala D. Harris on why the new health-care bill is terrible for women; an interview with Lena Dunham and Janet Mock; how women's boxing came to West Point; an interview with Jordanian documentary filmmaker Widad Shafakoj; and a summer lamb recipe from Jessica B. Harris.

How I Fought to Get Women's Boxing at West Point
We took down the administration after almost 200 years of excluding women from boxing.
The Health-Care Bill Would Be Terrible for Women
Senator Kamala Harris says the bill is a "hot mess."
A Leg of Lamb Recipe to Start Your Summer
A fresh, spicy dish from cookbook author Jessica B. Harris.
Fighting Injustice One Documentary at a Time
The Jordanian-Spanish filmmaker Widad Shafakoj opens up about the marginalized women who inspired her film If You Meant to Kill Me.
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