Lenny Letter no. 96

The Seductive Pleasures of Sybille Bedford
An ode to the British writer's 1989 biographical novel Jigsaw.

In this issue of Lenny: author Danzy Senna on her teen encounter with Doug E. Fresh; an ode to Sybille Bedford's beloved novel Jigsaw; new Daily Affirmations for July; the latest column from historian at large Alexis Coe; and a meditation on being diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene.

Daily Affirmations to Live By
"Every time you wake up, you choose the world."
How Rape Was a Weapon During the Revolutionary War
"They threatened to poison the girls, to run a bayonet through their hearts."
I Got a Rapper to Take Me to McDonald's in a Limo
Novelist Danzy Senna on her chance meeting with Doug E. Fresh after a 1985 concert.
I'm a BRCA1 Carrier and I'm Keeping My Breasts
A meditation on a BRCA1 mutation diagnosis and waiting to have children.
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