Lenny Letter No. 99

The System Failed My Cousin
And maybe I did, too. I was in law school, while my cousin ended up entangled in the justice system.

In this issue of Lenny: Leigh Flayton interviews Gen-X icons Janeane Garofalo and Lili Taylor; Carmen Lynch writes an essay on how having scoliosis led to becoming a comedian; Margaret Wilkerson Sexton writes about how the system failed her cousin; Meg Wolitzer reveals what makes her feel powerful; and Lauren Bohn reports on how the Trump administration's anti-abortion policies could keep girls out of school worldwide.

Lili Taylor and Janeane Garofalo
The Gen-X icons on their career trajectories, returning to their 20s, and costarring in Marvin's Room on Broadway.
Trump's Budget Cuts Will Keep Girls Out of School
The trickle-down cruelty of his agenda.
Coming Out of My Plastic Shell
The comedian Carmen Lynch comes out of her plastic shell.
How I Learned to Feel Powerful
Novelist Meg Wolitzer on figuring out how to feel strong without a security blanket.
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