Lenny Letter No. 98

How Kris Jenner Built an Empire with Just $200
Janet Mock goes behind the gates and talks to the world's most famous momager about how she triumphed.

In Lenny Letter No. 98: Janet Mock talks to Kris Jenner about the time when she was down to her last $200, Mira Ptacin goes ghost-hunting, an interview with Nighat Dad, the woman making the internet safer for other women in Pakistan, and Susannah Meadows writes about the friendships she's made while naked at the Y.

Making the Web a Safer Space for Pakistani Women
Lawyer and activist Nighat Dad is taking back the Internet.
How to Make Friends in the Women's Locker Room
Building unexpected, cross-generational friendships at the Brooklyn Y.
Are You Living With a Ghost?
My visit with a husband-and-wife paranormal-investigation duo.
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