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Happy New Year from Lena and Jenni

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Happy New Year, sweet Lennys!

We hope you did exactly what you dreamed of last night. For Jenni, that means rich foods in an intimate setting and, quite possibly, sweats with heels. For Lena, it's being in bed by 11 p.m., wearing her dog as a hat. We reject the tyranny of flashy New Year's Plans and hope you did, too, unless what you wanted was Vegas glitz, in which case: GET IT, MAMI. Isn't there something wonderfully silent about New Year's Day, like we all forgot to restart our endless task of being the human race? We're just basking in it.

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2015 was a truly special year for us. For starters, we launched Lenny and met all of you. Now we have a huge community of brilliance that didn't exist a year ago. From the minute Lenny No. 1 hit your inboxes, our Twitter and Insta feeds were suddenly cozier than Adam Levine's tent at Coachella. We have loved seeing your unorthodox style choices, your witty and passionate responses to everything we've published, and most of all your empowering connections to one another. The Internet has become a loving community for us once more. Thank you.

2015 was also a painful year for so many — and displayed, more than ever, why voting in 2016 isn't just our right but our duty. So can we all hit the polls this year and change the world? Great, yes, cool. Glad we cleared that up.

But today, please curl up like a cat in a beam of sunlight and chill. You've earned it.

We love you like whoa,

Lena & Jenni (and everyone at Lenny)

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