Welcome to the Lenny Store!

Repping grassroots feminist businesses without forcing you to spend your entire rent on an ankle boot with a weird zipper.

Welcome to our humble store! Here at Lenny, we love politics, feminism, radical art, and also things. Cute things, pretty things, things with style … So when we first envisioned Lenny, we immediately knew that we needed to have a store — one that would rep grassroots feminist businesses and also wouldn't force you to spend your entire rent on an ankle boot with a weird zipper.

We strongly believe that cute and cool come at every price point, and we also adore the culture of self-made businesses popping up in the Instagram age. In fact, Instagram is where we learned about FunCult, the amazing one-woman brand that designed the STAUNCH banners we now have on sale. Meanwhile, Lena met the gal behind Rosehound Apparel at her book signing in Toronto and nearly plotzed from the excitement, and it was Lenny contributor/dream woman Aidy Bryant who introduced her to Chrissy of Rad Nails. Associate editor and shopkeeper Laia Garcia found Kaye Blegvad's curvy-cute ceramics and instantly knew they were the ideal addition. Basically, you can be confident that every one of these items isn't just cute: it has meaning and was made with ferocity. We hope you love them, wear them into the ground, and, for heaven's sake, tag us in your grams.

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Lenny x Rad Nails

The perfect nude nail, every single time. "Nudes" Nail Wraps, $12

Lenny x Rosehound Apparel

The denim explosion is underway, and patches on jeans are like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, a classic! "Dismantle the Patriarchy" Patch Set, $20

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Lenny x Kaye Blegvad

Slip into relaxation with these incense holders. Lady Incense Holders, $75

Lenny x Funcult

An ode to the S-T-A-U-N-C-H-E-S-T woman of them all, Lil' Edie. "STAUNCH" Banner, $46

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Lenny x Funcult

Say it, loud and proud. "Feminist" Banner, $46

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