The Grief Issue

Ask Vivien
Psychotherapist and grief expert Dr. Vivien Weiss answers reader questions about how to deal with loss.

It's always been a mission of Lenny to talk about the taboo, and that's why we decided to do an entire issue devoted to grief. Inside, our editor-in-chief Jessica Grose write about her miscarriage, Alex Ronan writes about the endless, shifting grief of an untimely death, Jowita Bydlowska's meditates on losing her home after her marriage dissolved, Vivien Weiss, a therapist who specializes in counseling the bereaved, answers readers questions, and a salve from Alicia Kennedy, a recipe for a spicy tomato-coconut soup that she made while mourning her brother.

Nobody Died
On the profound grief of a life phase ending.
Grief Soup
A spicy tomato-coconut recipe that will help keep you upright on the darkest days.
Mourning Diary
I want everyone in the world to know my brother Mark is dead.
The Wait
On the interminable two weeks between a bad sonogram and the end of a pregnancy.
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