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The Transformation of Babeo Baggins

The nonbinary rapper turned country singer says their destination is just another journey.

How Katelyn Ohashi Rediscovered Gymnastics on Her Own Terms

The athlete on the satisfying differences between collegiate and elite gymnastics.

Makeup in Transit

Workers in Mexico City have some of the longest commutes in Latin America, and women use this time to apply their morning makeup.

My Eyeballs Are Falling Out, and That’s OK

Coming to terms with hypochondria.

Lies My Sister Told Me (Or How I Survived My First Wall of Death)

What it's like to be an African American metalhead.

I’m Afraid of Nature

I watch all of these bucolic trips unfold with only one sinister thought: these people have no idea that they’re about to get murdered.

The Many Lives of Leopard Print

Chic or tacky, luxurious or cheap, banal or bold, it has proved to be a true contronym in the vocabulary of fashion.

You’ve Got Mail Is My Fall Style Inspiration

I’ve always thought it was embarrassing to imagine one’s life like a movie, but fall clothing has that effect.

Fighting for Monuments of African American Women

Monuments make history visible and tangible, but African American women are grossly underrepresented.

Read an Excerpt from She Begat This: 20 Years of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

The under-explored artistry and generational impact of Lauryn Hill.