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Angely Mercado

Mamá Susa’s Soul

After my grandmother died, I searched for her in Dominican ghost stories.

October 5, 2018
Learning to Love My Thighs

They ruin all my jeans. But they’re all mine.

May 18, 2018
Dominican Kitchen Witchcraft

I couldn’t get rid of my colds, until I listened to my mami and drank the murky water.

May 8, 2018
This Nonprofit Is Helping Women Fight Harassment in Entertainment

WomenCrush is using the power of female networking to help musicians build their careers

May 7, 2018
Learning About Mortality From My Mother

Mami is always dying, but she's not actually sick — she's just Dominican.

November 14, 2017
Why You Can't Leave Your House: A Guide for the Children of Immigrants

How my mother could conjure up a million excuses to keep me from sleepovers.

June 7, 2017