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Kaitlyn Greenidge

Birthing Justice

Black maternal health is in crisis, but these doulas and midwives are already responding to the threat.

Fiction: "Daughter, First: What Tom Loves More Than Katie"

Katie Mahoney Brown’s marriage isn’t what it looks like on the red carpet.

The State of the Girl in 2017

Lenny interviews two American teenagers about their lives.

Secrets of the South

A weekend with the United Order of Tents, a semi-covert organization of black women.

Lorraine O'Grady: From Bureaucrat to Rock Critic to World-Renowned Artist

An interview with the category-defying artist and writer.

The True Story of the Nun Who Became an Attorney General

An interview with Arlene Violet, the crime-fighting nun of Rhode Island.

John Waters: I Love Women Who Hate Men and Hate Men Who Hate Women

The universally beloved director loves women, hates Mike Pence, and wants us all to be Valerie Solanas.

A Hope for Universal Health Care in New York State

A single-payer bill could pass the State Senate. Here's how you can help it move forward.

Dorothy Allison on Why Working-Class Literature Is the Strongest

The novelist and memoirist talks about growing up poor, her '70s lesbian feminist collective, and meeting her obligations.

Sacred Space

On visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and facing the present.

Is Shunning Ever Useful?

An interview with the writer, theorist, and activist Sarah Schulman.

You've Got to Fight

On the civil-rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, black women, and the 2016 election.

I Love Betty

An original short story by Kaitlyn Greenidge.

A Different Kind of Justice

Novelist and public defender Natashia Deon talks about how the same story can reveal different truths.

Eat the Fish

On being forced to confront an unreasonable but unassailable fear.

The First Lady of New York Wants You to Be a Mental-Health Healer

Chirlane ​McCray shares why she wants to destigmatize mental-health issues and make access to mental-health care simple and affordable.

A Small Place for Us

On encountering the kind of perfection that is always out of reach.