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Molly Elizalde

Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner Say Goodbye to Lenny

A final letter from our leaders.

Reality-TV Mediums Healed Me After a Breakup

How Hollywood Medium and Long Island Medium taught me about connecting with the dead — and the living.

Gia Coppola Pairs Her Wine With Sour Straws

The director’s new wines are tasty without the pretentiousness.

How Iranian Painter Orkideh Torabi Found Her Voice

The artist is inspired by women’s rights and gender power structures.

What Does It Mean to See As a Woman?

Tabitha Soren on the patience and determination it takes to make photos as a mother.

Meriem Bennani's Feminine Mystique

An interview with the artist on the power of youth culture, femininity, and the place of humor and cartoon in documentary.

How I Built a Global Business With Zero Background in Finance

The founder of Nest on how she used her degree in social work to start a global nonprofit that bridges the gap between luxury fashion and artisan craft.

This Artist Uses Antidepressants, Dried Shrimp, and Fried Flowers in Her Work

The artist Anicka Yi discusses the themes of identity and intolerance that permeate her latest work.