Music Monday: Something Old and Something Slightly Less Old


It’s still weirdly summer in New York and the Lennys must be feeling nostalgic!

**​What Associate Editor Laia Garcia is listening to:**


​Recently I have been listening to David Bowie’s “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars” every day to and from work. I know that a lot of people recognize Bowie’s genius, but still I feel like he is so criminally underrated because this record is so absolutely perfect from beginning to end, that I almost can’t believe that it’s not taught in schools or that its songs haven’t become as commonplace as “Happy Birthday.” Every time I put this record on it feels as fresh as new as the first time, every song seemingly the best on the record and yet each one is better than the one that preceded it. I keep thinking about how amazing it must’ve been to see him live during this era, and with that in mind, here’s a live version of “Five Years,” the album’s opener. If you listen to this one, you will probably end up listening to the whole album, and if you’ve never gotten into Bowie before, this is your chance.​

**What Editor in Chief Jessica Grose is listening to:**


It’s still creepily warm in New York, which means it’s really good walking weather. I like to have a little pep in my step when I walk and I have a couple mixes that are basically just for strutting. A mainstay of these mixes is “Recommendation” by Mirah. It’s a really short song—just over a minute—but it’s got a driving beat (I basically think no song should be much longer than 2 minutes but that’s another post). It also ends on a great note: “I’m doing fine, just fine/I’m doing fine.​