About the LennyLetter Archive

Giving Forward, is delighted to host the LennyLetter.com archive, contributing ad revenue to nonprofits.

LennyLetter was a ground-breaking feminist blog/newsletter. Also known as Lenny, the site was a weekly online feminist newsletter created by Lena Dunham and Jennifer Konner.

Lenny has a new home where the archives are put to good use, generating ad revenue for nonprofits.

The Giving Forward team is excited to host the Lenny archives. At the request of the founders will designate Girls Write Now (a 501c3) to receive 25% of the net ad revenue produced from the archives. Readers/consumers of the content can register and select the same nonprofit or a different one to receive an additional 25% of net advertising revenue. The remainder goes to Giving Forward.

How it works: Giving Forward, a nonprofit publisher giving 50% of ad revenue to charity.

Giving Forward is a nonprofit publishing platform powering several websites/brands; We donate 50% of net ad revenue to the nonprofits. To help us decide the level to which we should support our curated list of nonprofits we use a voting system of points, Our Members and Contributors are both critical to our success.

Here’s how it works:

a) Content creation / co-creation: The content creator or co-creator (working with our team) is instrumental in the process of publishing. Therefore, they get a vote in how we split the 50% of net ad revenue charity pot we donate. Their votes are proportional to how much their content is viewed using the points system. For the purpose of Lenny Letter, all “creators” or authors will have their chosen cause set to Girls Write Now.

b) Content consumption (reading, viewing, listening): As readers, your attention and content consumption is what powers the system. Sponsors, and advertisers pay Giving Forward to get your attention. You are critically important so your vote for a nonprofit is important. Register as a Member in order to select your nonprofit cause. If you don’t register for a specific nonprofit the points go into our “General Fund” bucket where we deploy it where we see a need.

The Back End Points System:

Despite the amazing power of the Internet, we can’t track the exact value of each Member’s specific content consumption, nor would we want to. Our mission is to deploy at least 50% of net advertising revenues We know how big the overall donation pool is, and use a points system to calculate what we are allocating to each nonprofit cause. It’s quite simple, we use a points system.