Music Monday: A Little Bit of Nostalgia


It’s December already! Can you believe it? As 2016 winds down, we’re embracing nostalgia by revisiting our favorite tracks by Mr. Big and Kittie. Read our reviews to find out why.

**What our deputy editor Laia Garcia is listening to:**

This song is a total cheese-fest and I’m sure if I pay really close attention to the lyrics I will find out that they are hashtag-problematic, BUT I won’t, because I don’t ever want to ruin this song and the perfect music video that accompanies it. We need more acoustic guitar sing-a-longs that everyone can just clap along to in our lives. No, no, i don’t mean like new ones, I just mean we need to rescue all the ones from the 80’s and 90’s because they’re the ones that are gonna get us through the day.

**What our assistant Dianca London is listening to:**

A few weeks ago while home in PA for Thanksgiving, I spent an afternoon poking around my parents’ basement, in search of relics from my teen years. While sifting through painfully awkward school photos and worn copies of *Sweet Valley High* , I rediscovered Kittie’s *Oracle.* The album’s case was cracked and its lyric-booklet torn at the edges, but the disc played perfectly. Even after all these years, listening to “What I Always Wanted” felt like looking into an existential mirror that knows me better than I know myself. It reminded me of how much I loved them after hearing ” (1)” on WMMR in 8th grade and why they remain to be one of my all time faves. Plus their cover of ” (2)” slays so hard that it almost makes me like Pink Floyd. Whatever lineup, track, or album, Kittie will always be the epitome of badass.

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