Music Monday: Brand New Starts, Bouquets of Stars, and Violins


**What our editor-in-chief Jessica Grose is listening to:**

My husband is a die-hard Strokes fan, to the point where he’s deep into every side project of every member. Fabrizio Moretti, the Strokes’ drummer, is in Little Joy, a trio that also includes Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos and the adorably-named Binky Shapiro. ” (1)” is the sweetest, most perfect Spring love song, because a “brand new start” can both be about a new romance and also about a new season. I’m only slightly embarrassed to tell you that it was the first dance at our 2010 wedding, and only slightly more embarrassed to tell you that for a while back then my husband called me Little Joy as an endearment.

**What our deputy editor Laia Garcia is listening to:**

There is only one song that captures that way that being in love can make you feel like a child experiencing the world for the first time, and it is Cafe Tacuba’s ” (1).” I have been known to listen to this song on repeat for hours because of the absolute joy it brings directly to my heart. There is one line where Cosme, the singer, sings that he wishes for each star to be a flower, so he could give the girl he loves a bouquet of stars. It’s something that would be so cheesy in any other song, said in any other way, but somehow in this song, it becomes romantic. I finally got to see them live a couple years ago, and being in a room full of hundreds of other people who have loved this song as hard as I have for the past two decades was absolutely magical. This song is light and life.

**What our assistant editor Molly Elizalde is listening to:**

Nothing says Spring awakening like violins, the harp, and a beat, or at least that’s the way I feel about Jens Lekman’s ” (2).” My college boyfriend played this song as the seasons were changing when we first started dating and I still find myself coming back to Lekman’s music at this time of year. This song, especially, captures the simple pleasure of being in loveā€”the buoyant feeling you get as you’re embraced while just slicing up an avocado (or whatever average task you happen to be doing). And even if you’re not in love, this song is the perfect optimistic starter to a sunny day when the flowers are blooming and anything can happen.

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