Music Monday: Get Shit Done Jams


**Missy Elliot — “Pass That Dutch”**

I can’t listen to music when I’m doing any kind of writing or editing work, but if I’m doing a power walk to a big meeting, or gearing up for a big run, or just folding my fucking laundry, I love the frenetic, bass-heavy sounds of Missy. In particular, “Pass That Dutch,” if only because it’s the only song (that I know of) that rhymes “rectum” and “slept on.” But yeah, the lines, “Pop that, pop that, make that money//Just keep it going, like the Energizer Bunny” really get me going. *– Jessica Grose*

**Sleater-Kinney – “Dig Me Out”**

I mean “Dig Me Out” the song, but I also mean *Dig Me Out* the record. Corin Tucker’s manic vocals, Janet Weiss’ energetic drumming, and the incredible guitar shredding exchange between Corin and Carrie Brownstein is all I need to get me going, and doing the most tedious tasks. (I always pay this one when I need to clean house!) *– Laia Garcia*

**Angel Haze – “New York”**

This is a song for when you are imagining low-key recking havoc. It’s a song for long-term, multi-step planning. A soundtrack for when you want to *orchestrate* something. *– Kaitlyn Greenidge*