Music Monday: Our Favorite Memorial Day Jams


**What our deputy editor Laia Garcia is listening to:**

I know I am getting softer in my 30s because I am no longer as rigid with my music tastes as I was when I was a teen. Like how last summer I fell into a Justin Bieber hole when I became obsessed with ” (1),” and now he’s wormed his way back into my summer playlist via his guest appearance on Luis Fonsi’s ” (2),” which also features Daddy Yankee.

I was never a fan of Luis Fonsi growing up, so I was slow to catch up on what a massive jam this song is, but holy moly do I love it! The thing is, this song sounds *exactly* like Puerto Rico. I hear it and I see myself eating fried food at the beach, walking the streets of Old San Juan, smelling that ocean breeze and that’s even BEFORE Luis sings, “this is how we do it down in Puerto Rico.” I am ready to throw a party in someone’s garage, backyard, or any available floor space and just dance to this song all night. I am ready for you, summer!

**What our assistant editor Molly Elizalde is listening to:**

There’s something about summer that makes embracing mainstream pop music extra enjoyable. I mean, what’s the fun in being the person at the dance party that’s trying to listen to Simon and Garfunkel? In fact, my friends and I already called the song of the summer earlier this spring when Drake’s *More Life* album came out. ” (3)” has a heady beat that’s perfect for over-air conditioned parties and a glass of frosé (if you make your own, is it less basic?). And I know I’m always toting walking songs, but summer is the season to take to the streets with your headphones, and there’s no better soundtrack than “Passionfruit.”

**What our contributing writer Kaitlyn Greenidge is listening to:**

This is a big, joyfully slutty song that manages to make a so-dumb-it’s-brilliant metaphor about sex and ice cream. We are in an age of some misguided food/sex related pop music, but Cazwell did it best 5 years ago. I never understood why this wasn’t the song of the summer back then and I lost track of it around the time I (finally) gave up my iPod and joined our current decade. But I recently rediscovered it and remembered why I loved it so much — it’s the perfect summer dance song. And the video is a camp masterpiece.

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