Music Monday: Punk, Pop, and Magic


​It’s the first week of August and we’re savoring what’s left of our summer by basking in the glory of The Gun Club, Rihanna, and Fleetwood Mac.

**What our editor at large Mikki Halpin is listening to:**

The other day I said to someone, “Should I just give up on this day and put on The Gun Club?” Sometimes you just have to listen to the saddest, bleakest music out there to really hear your feelings turned into beauty. The stripped-down music of The Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s raspy, intimate voice let “Yellow Eyes,” especially, trace the scars in my heart and somehow give me hope at the same time — if the music gets me, surely other people could, too.

**What our deputy editor Laia Garcia is listening to:**

Rihanna’s *Anti* is one of the three records that define the year 2016 for me — at least so far! — and “James Joint” is definitely one of the main reasons for it. It’s a short, groovy wisp of a song, like a little poem, a feeling. It’s so good that sometimes I listen to it twice. It’s perfect.

**What our assistant Dianca London is listening to:**

The witchy perfection of Fleetwood Mac’s “Seven Wonders” is a perpetual favorite for me. Whatever my mood (which rapidly fluctuates between good, bad, and meh at any given second), listening to Stevie Nicks’s voice casts a powerful spell that immediately transforms the humdrum of my day-to-day into pure magic. Plus, the music video is absolutely mesmerizing and surprisingly hilarious (go to 00:43 and you’ll know what I mean).