Music Monday: Rihanna


**What our Associate Editor Laia Garcia is listening to:** ​

​Much to my surprise, I’ve been listening to Rihanna’s  *Anti* non-stop since it was first leaked/released/whatever a few weeks ago. Not that I wasn’t a Rihanna fan before, but with the exception of “Only Girl In the World” her songs were not part of my personal music rotation. This record is full of gems, and as I blasted it this weekend while getting ready to go out, I was suddenly transported to my high school days, getting ready to go out to school dances, wondering if my crush was going to be there even though that’s not really a concern of mine these days. Upon first listen, I was all about “James Joint” and her hella rad Tame Impala cover, but these days, I’m feeling “Desperado” the most. The vibe is just right for weirdo winter days slowly turning into spring days, and her vocals on the chorus are perfect.

**What our Editor-at-Large Doreen St. Félix is listening to:**

I love it when Rihanna reminds the world that she is from Barbados. It’s taken for granted that America’s biggest rock star isn’t American, so when she goes back to her island roots, I savor the moment. “Work” the first single off her eighth album *Anti* , is a matured version of the Music-of-the-Sun Rih we first saw ten years ago. It’s a slow-grind, slow-wine bop easy enough to carry into the warmer months.

**What our Assistant Dianca London is listening to:**

Before *Anti,*  there was *A Girl Like Me* and long before “Desperado” and “Work” became instant earworms, there was “We Ride.” Rihanna’s 2006 single isn’t just a heartfelt ballad with an irresistible hook, it’s a living testament to her evolution as an artist and a repeat-worthy example of how her songs have remained earnest (and relatable) since the beginning. “We Ride” marries hip hop and soul with near perfection while its chorus gives listeners a glimpse into Rihanna’s future (let’s admit it, even then we couldn’t resist her genius use of repetition). “We Ride,” much like Rihanna, is timeless. P.S. It’s also the perfect track to blast while driving to beach in your Jeep with the top down.