Music Monday: Summer Songs


Summer is in full swing  and we’re making the most of the season by keeping our favorite tracks by Lila Blue, Justin Bieber, and Queen Latifah​ in heavy rotation!

**What Lena Dunham is listening to:**

I am fucking obsessed with Lila Blue, a 16 year old from San Francisco who breaks my heart then pieces it back together again with her ukulele. Her maturity (and voice) are an astonishing gift.  Her debut album * (1)*, recorded when she was just 13, is music for getting well to.

**What our Deputy Editor Laia Garcia is listening to:**

The biggest surprise of the summer has been the fact that I have been listening to Justin Bieber willingly and on the regular. I was already coming around to the fact that “Sorry” is definitely a banger and with the aid of Spotify decided to give his whole record a shot. While that was perhaps too much Bieber for me, I discovered “Company” and it has fully become my song of the summer. It’s mellow and relaxing and I can imagine myself listening to it at the beach or while I lounge around with my dude. Now I start my day every morning with a little Bieber. I regret nothing!

**What our Assistant Dianca London is listening to:**

As the temperature rises, I’m reminded of my least favorite thing about summer: catcallers. They’re unavoidable and EVERYWHERE. No matter the time of day or what I’m wearing, there’s always some rando dude spewing unsolicited (and usually lewd) comments about my body. Sometimes when I’m feeling fierce I respond by yelling “WOMEN AREN’T OBJECTS” or giving them the middle finger, but lately, when I’m too tired or angry for words, I’ve found solace in one of Queen Latifah’s notable singles from * (2)* *.*  A feminist critique fueled by frustration and peak ’90s glory, “U.N.I.T.Y.” says everything that I can’t to the countless men who harass me. Listening to the Queen makes me feel invincible.

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