New Wave


Director Haifaa al-Mansour is often called brave, and she is. She is the brilliant mind behind _Wadjda,_ about a Saudi girl’s quest to purchase a forbidden bicycle, and _Women Without Shadows,_ a documentary about women in the Arab world. Her bravery shines through her subjects, her narratives, and her boundary-breaking — _Wadjda_ is the first feature film made by a female Saudi director. For Lenny, she made us a comic about one of her first rebellions.

_—Mikki Halpin_

*Haifaa al-Mansour is the first female filmmaker in Saudi Arabia, whose films include the 2005 documentary* Women Without Shadows, *and* Wadjda. *She recently published a novelization of the film titled* (1), *and is currently working on the forthcoming* A Storm in the Stars, *based on the life of Mary Shelley.*

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