Notes from the Real World: The ANTI Tour


Holy shit I went to (2) and it’s the most profoundly psychosexual hour and a half I have ever enjoyed. From the moment she appeared in celestial white to moan *Stay* til her Helmet Newton tinged grindathon finale of *Kiss It Better*, I knew I was in the presence of otherworldly greatness. Add to that Voguers in sequined dragon suits and a wall of cascading party foam and I guess I know what doing acid is like. I also love how happy she seems- every time she finishes a song she beams like “yeah, I did good.” Rihanna’s stage show is a ball of passion and contradiction that reminds me I can have a stomach ache AND vote for president AND have a pussy made of diamonds. Yup.

*If you missed Rihanna’s (2) or you’re craving for more, you can check out Lenny’s round-up of her greatest tracks (1).*


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