Women of the Hour: Season 2


We are thrilled to bring you the second season of *Women of the Hour,* Lena’s podcast, now available on iTunes and Soundcloud with new episodes every Thursday. Here’s a taste of our first three shows!

On (7)*,* we discuss feeling trapped in all kinds of ways. Lena shares a time she felt stuck in a bad relationship, while Kim Dadou tells us about finding love in prison. Ashley Ford speaks with Lena about her relationship with her father, who has been incarcerated for all of Ashley’s life and is due to be released this winter. Journalist Laura Ling describes her favorite indulgences upon her release from captivity in North Korea, and twin sisters Anastasia and Alba Somaza provide insight into life as quadriplegics. On the lighter side, we hear from humorist Patricia Marx about how she can’t seem to stop getting stuck in elevators. Listen (1)

(2) Lena kicks things off with a tale of one bad psychic who once charged her $300 for a curse-breaking tea bag. She also interviews Terry Iacuzzo, another psychic of hers who is a lot less fraudulent and a lot more charming. Comedian Elna Baker talks about sex, Mormonism, and her very unconventional first encounter with a penis, and Eliana Sagarin tells how she, the daughter of a rabbi, wound up as the model for naked Jesus in a figure-drawing class. We meet a group of young praise dancers and their parents, and blogger Nadia Hadid shares her top tips for dating while Muslim. Listen (3)

Our latest episode talks about solitude and loneliness. We start out of this world (literally!) as we hear from astronaut Kate Rubins aboard the ISS about how she managed to stay connected to life on Earth while in orbit. Lena shares some truly bleak letters she wrote as a child from camp to her therapist, and Lenny’s Dianca Potts recounts her surreal time as the only black historical reenactor in Old Salem, Massachusetts. We also hear from the “Great Eight,” a group of black PhD candidates from Indiana University who formed a community of friendship and support in the face of racial isolation. Julie Metz closes us out with a story about the loneliness she experienced after her husband’s death at 44 — a loneliness that grew more complicated after he began to haunt her house. Listen (4).

To subscribe to *Women of the Hour,* visit (5) or stream it (6). Be sure to tune in later on this season as we explore topics ranging from aging to reproductive rights to cats (yes!), and to hear from Allison Williams, Janet Mock, Megan Mullally, and many, many more!

*—Liz Watson, producer for* Women of the Hour

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7) (https://art19.com/shows/women-of-the-hour/episodes/e510ff35-6dea-4779-8760-25b1f7509158)