Your April Horoscope



*(March 21 to April 19)*

Happy birthday to the baby of the zodiac! Allow yourself to revel this month in some of those qualities of nascence: a womblike setting, perhaps, where you let go of trying to control anything. In fact, you are powerless over so much in the world, and now is the time to view that fact as one of beauty and freedom rather than a negative thing.


*(April 20 to May 20)*

Although it can be scary at first, it can be very refreshing to be reminded that the world is much bigger than you: whether that means it is bigger than your plans and ideas for yourself, wider than your beliefs about life, or stranger than what you thought was supposed to happen. Keep following the path of the big, wide, and strange wherever it leads you this month.


*(May 21 to June 20)*

It’s totally cool to ask for help. People enjoy being of service quite often, because it gives them meaning on the planet. You should know that better than anyone. You like to be of service. Also, while we’re here, a gentle reminder that it’s also totally cool to not be all things to all people. There is something freeing in the knowledge that it’s impossible for everyone to like us.


*(June 21 to July 22)*

Sometimes we are scared to go under the exteriors we have built for ourselves — things we have told ourselves are absolute truth, the ideas we have about our place in the world — because we are scared of what we are going to find in there. But if we don’t go in there and take stock, it’s going to seep out anyway. This month, start excavating.


*(July 23 to August 22)*

As a Leo, it can feel like you have no problems telling anyone anything, that you are an open book, pure braggadocio and no secrets. That may be true of the shinier, louder, even dirtier aspects of yourself, but what about the quieter doubts, the parts that aren’t as sexy or flashy, do they ever get any airtime?


*(August 23 to September 22)*

As Virgos, we love to transform chaos into order, and now might be a good time to do some spring cleaning. I’m not talking about our closets, but our internal worlds: taking stock of some behaviors, beliefs, and/or habits that no longer serve us, and if not willing to get rid of them quite yet, then maybe putting them away in storage.


*(September 23 to October 22)*

One cool thing is that people really can change, and this includes you. You are not stodgy, you are not stuck, and if we go to the right sources for help, we really can change aspects of our lives that we thought were intractable. But the help is important, because sometimes it allows us to see a third way we did not know was possible. And the right sources are equally as important. You will know the sources are not right if what they offer is more of a threat or a fear-based thought than a gentle suggestion.


*(October 23 to November 21)*

If you’ve been having conversations with people in your head in the shower, imagining what you wish you had said to someone or what you’re going to say to set them straight, now is the time to get that shit out on paper. Write it out with no intention of sending it as a letter or an email, just write it. Most of it is stuff you just need to get out of you, and through the alchemical act of writing, you’ll be freed from some of the uncomfortable feelings behind it. But you might find that there are one or two things in there that need to be said.


*(November 22 to December 21)*

Is there something you’ve been carrying around for years, a situation you feel badly about that always comes up at a certain time of the month or when you are feeling sorry for yourself? Does it make you feel like a shitty person? Maybe it’s just someone with whom you used to have a relationship and never meant to lose touch with or a person you hurt and never offered an apology. Just FYI, this is a great month for you to right a wrong.


*(December 22 to January 19)*

Do you ever get into an argument with someone and realize halfway through that you were actually wrong, but feel like it’s too late to concede because you have to save face? This month, save zero face. On anything. Embrace the losing of face in all capacities. You may find you actually have less to lose when you are open to it.


*(January 20 to February 18)*

You have a powerful intuition; we are all built with one. But the Internet and commerce and politics and fashion and relationships and the pressures of various relationships we engage in and hats we wear can have a blinding effect on our third eye. There are various ways to open it again, but one free way, which doesn’t involve any goddess-rebirthing workshops or gurus, is taking more time to be completely quiet and still, with no other intention besides being you.


*(February 19 to March 20)*

This month, think about something that has been freely given to you — whether it be love, friendship, mentorship, clothing, tchotchkes, trust, a cool responsibility, encouragement, an ear. Now give that to someone else.

*Melissa Broder is the author of four collections of poems, including* Last Sext *(Tin House 2016), as well as* So Sad Today, *a book of essays from Grand Central.*