Carrying On


_Christ, it’s been a rough coupla weeks. Here’s what Lenny’s staff has been doing to take care of themselves_

“I wrote to all the women I worked with on the campaign thanking them for their bravery and telling them I loved them. That connection felt powerful and unique. For a moment we were proud to have been a part of something, and I hope it wasn’t in vain.” —Lena Dunham

“I went to the gym. I cried all the way through, sweat mixed with tears. I also wrote our kids’ teachers a letter thanking them for caring for our children today even though they are as gutted as any of us.” —Jenni Konner

“I played with my fat baby, who is so sweet, and I promised her I’d keep fighting for her and her sister.” —Jessica Grose

“I went to a friend’s house and held her ridiculously cute baby, and ate tacos and pie while commiserating about the absurdity of the world. Afterward, I went home to my boyfriend’s, and watched episodes of _Planet Earth,_ which really brought joy into my heart and reminded me of all the beauty and wonder in the world.” —Laia Garcia

“I burned sage, sat with my cats, and cried while listening to ‘ (1)’ by Nina Simone.” —Dianca Potts

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