Music Monday: Legendary Songwriters


**What Lena Dunham is listening to:**

Somehow I managed to achieve my middle school dream of having a heterosexual boyfriend who only listens to lady pop. Literally, this man likes The Cardigans more than I do. He introduced me to everyone from Grimes to Mo, and reignited my obsession with The Bangles. He rocks out to the Dixie Chicks. He’s a walking Delia’s catalogue mix CD. The latest thing he’s got me hooked on isn’t a single song but rather a songwriter, and she’s responsible for much of the most infectious anthemic pop of the past year: Julia Michaels. Oh yeah, and she’s only 21.

**What our Editor-in-Chief Jessica Grose is listening to:**

I slept on Fiona Apple’s 2012 album, *The Idler Wheel* … for like two years, and I regret that I spent those two years of my life NOT listening to this amazing, textured, lyrically perfect work. My favorite song from the album keeps shifting but right now it’s “Anything We Want,” a very sweet song about the child-like wonder of early love.

**What our Editor-at-Large Doreen St.Félix  is listening to:**

It’s a Monday, the third Monday of the year to be precise​, which means the novelty, the ambitious gleam of 2016 has already worn off. It’s too early to be in the office; the coffee already tastes stale—all the signs we’re back in hustling season. Today, I suggest you listen to “Jumpman,” the hustler’s anthem that will propel you out of your work-funk. It’s the most energetic song off Drake and Future’s 2015 mixtape, *What a Time To Be Alive,* and the strongest antidote to the mid-winter, beginning-of-the-week workday blues.

**What our assistant Dianca London is listening to:**

When I saw Morrissey live for the first time, I was on the brink of finishing undergrad and my inbox was filled with automated rejections from would-be dream jobs. Listening to the Son and Heir sing tracks like The Smiths’ “You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby” was a readily welcome distraction from my anxieties. It matched so much of what I was feeling in regards to my future (especially my career). Its lines put into words something that I felt in the pit of my stomach but couldn’t quite articulate. Sure it’s a little gloomy, but for me its like the idiom  “if at first you don’t succeed.”  It’s fuel to keep fighting for what I want.