Music Monday: Pure Perfection


**What our Deputy Editor Laia Garcia is listening to:**

The first time I heard Nico’s voice knew I was listening to something completely unique, unlike anything I had heard before. So much dripping with feeling, so stoic, so beautiful, and so, you know, German too. On this song her voice is not so much singing, as becoming another instrument in the song and it is just so perfect. I forgot how perfect this album is until right now. Looks like it’s going to be a Nico-filled coupla’ months around here for a while.

**What our Assistant Dianca London is listening to:**

In a lot of ways Hayley Williams is my hero. Her band Paramore is everything that I craved for as a teen emo who carelessly binged on the romanticized misogyny of male fronted anthems (Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, you know, that whole scene). When *Riot!* dropped, I fell head over heels in love with every track on the album, especially “That’s What You Get.” Their first hit single isn’t just catchy, it’s a validation of the often overlooked nuances of being in love, being heartbroken, and being vulnerable from a woman’s point of view. When I hear Williams belt out the chorus, I feel strong, like I’m fifteen again (in a good way), willing to wear my heart on my sleeve and rock out without apologies.