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No Less of a Chest

A true story about a boob job that almost was.

boob job comic title
Lila Ash
NO LESS OF A CHEST by Lila Ash I’ve always had small boobs. I waited years for them to catch up with everyone else’s, but they just never grew. Big boobs were a sign of maturity to me. A sign of femininity … adulthood … power. When I was 26, I became an expert on all things boob job. I was ready for one of my own. In the summer of 2016, I went to Beverly Hills for a consultation. I was so excited that I put down a deposit on a pair of C’s. I had a lot of dreams about the surgery. Well … they were more like nightmares. As time went by, I started to appreciate more and more the perks of my small boobs. Bounce-free workouts Great contrast No one notices when I go braless My boyfriend says they look like samosas  Unobstructed yoga poses Quick and easy self-exams They fit snugly in guitars One day, I realized I hadn’t thought about my boob job in months. Sure, my deposit was gone. But I felt like I had gained something much more valuable. I finally liked myself. It’s been two years since I had my consultation. I have no plans for surgery anymore.
Lila Ash

Lila Ash is an illustrator based in Los Angeles. She likes comics, cartoons, and cute dogs.