Monday Jam Picks: Alanis Morisette, Cam’ron and More!


It’s the beginning of November and we are ready to put our best foot forward. While we’re still on a bit of a candy hangover (which shows no signs of stopping, sale candy here we come!), these are the jams taking us through the week.

**From Lena Dunham, Head Lenny in Charge:**​

My favorite deep cut is a song called “I & I” by Taja Sevelle- it’s a surreal sensual fantasy about meeting yourself that haunts like Sade, grooves like Janet. “I had a dream I lived next door to me. What I saw was fear and vanity.” It will make you think and make you slink!”​

**From Laia Garcia, Associate Editor:**


Last week my Pandora station started playing a lot of Alanis Morissette for me, and I started listening to 1995’s excellent “Jagged Little Pill” on my walk to and from work as well. Few songs capture that simple joy of falling completely in love with someone like “Head Over Feet,” and as I find myself going through those motions in real life, this song is really all I want to listen to.

**From Jessica Grose, Editor in Chief:**


After writing about Justine Frischmann for last week’s music Monday, I went deep on her erstwhile collaborator M.I.A. I was obsessed with her album Arular when it came out in 2005. I listened to it exclusively for weeks on end, and even got really into her mixtape with Diplo, Piracy Funds Terrorism (I am usually not cool enough to know about mix tapes). My favorite song off the mixtape is U.R.A.Q.T which is just incredibly fucking fun and includes the line, “Is your dad a dealer ’cause you’re dope to me.​”

**From Doreen St.Félix, Editor-at-Large:**


Camoween was officially lit. What’s that holiday, you ask? The holy day falls each year on the eve of All Saints. It’s american custom to dress in the iconic all-pink fur and flip phone get up invented by the great Cam’ron. Do yourself a favor and scroll through the#camoween hashtag on Instagram—my favorite is the newborn Cam fawned over (and lightly roasted) on his account. It’ll be an entire year before we can rightly celebrate again, but in the meantime, join me in listening to his opus’, featuring Juelz, Hey Ma.​