Music Monday: Edith Piaf and Grimes (What Else Do You Need?)


This week’s Music Monday is short and sweet, but that doesn’t make it any less badass!

**​What Doreen St.Félix, Editor-at-Large, is listening to:**


​​On the East Coast, fall has been unseasonably warm, leaving me with a want I hadn’t anticipated: I want cold weather. I want to wear scarves, long coats, and to complain about beautiful snow. By the finicky grace of global warming, this morning, I woke up to a crisp forty-degree-world. I thought to listen to some music that exemplifies that lovely dreary autumn feeling, and so I pulled up Edith Piaf’s “Autumn Leaves.” The song is sensual, timeless, a little mournful and the perfect soundtrack to watching the leaves finally make their descent.

**​What Laia Garcia, Associate Editor, is listening to:** ​


Last week Grimes released her much-anticipated album Art Angels. Her last record, Visions, which came out in 2012 became so indispensable in my life that I was a little scared to listen to this new one—what if I didn’t like it? But, my fears were dumb and unfounded because Art Angels is SO GOOD! Imagine all the best things about Pop and R&B from like, the late 90s and mix it with Grimes’ weirdo futuristic vibes and you’ve got a perfect mix of sounds that will make you dance and feel things. “Flesh without Blood” has already become one of my favorites, I bet you won’t be able to listen to it just once.