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Maria Shriver on Why Alzheimer’s Is a Women’s Issue

More women get Alzheimer's than get breast cancer. Why aren't we talking about it more?

Why the Senate Health-Care Bill Would Be Absolutely Terrible for Women

Senator Kamala Harris says the bill is a "hot mess."

Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Toxic Friendships

Sometimes losing a friendship can be more painful than losing a lover.

Troian Bellisario Gets Real About Her Struggle with Mental Health

The *Pretty Little Liars* star on learning to listen to her body instead of the punishing voice in her head.

On the Power of Lifelong Friendship

The actress Regina Hall on the best-friendship that has given her shelter throughout the years.

How I Overcame My Anger as a Black Writer Online

After the death of Michael Brown, I channeled all my anger into writing — until it led my mind and body down a frightening path.

With Love, From the Naked Ladies in Goggles

Building unexpected, cross-generational friendships in the locker room at the Y.

The Reverse Contour

Busy Philipps shows Team Lenny how to do makeup before a big event.

The Lenny Interview: Hillary Clinton

Lena and Hillary talk student loan debt and slimy first jobs.

Late Bloomer

Failing to have a baby, and finding out the secret to personal fulfillment along the way.

An Air Force Mechanic, a Cult Survivor, and Thousands of Other Women Are Saving American Politics

In Trump's America, women are running for office in unprecedented numbers. Here are their stories.

The Digestive Mind

The Internet, the mind-stomach connection, and why Instagram is giving me the poops.

Are We Not Entertained?

On the Bill Cosby trial, respectability politics, and male entitlement.

What Cheating on My Boyfriend Taught Me About Men Who Fake Their Deaths

A lesson in self-delusion and empathy.

My Pelvic Pain Is Called Doris

She makes me feel like an old lady, and it took me years to get proper medical care for the old bag.

How to Speak Truth to Bullshit

Brené Brown explains why outwitting BS takes nuance and civility.

How to Battle Chronic Illness With Humor

An excerpt from Karen Duffy's *[Backbone: Living with Chronic Pain Without Turning into One](*.

Burned Letters: Mom

A trans son writes a letter to his mother.

Nathaniel: Work in Progress

The story of one young person's journey through gender, depression, shelters, and all the rest.

Lit Thursday: I Have a Foolproof Plan for Success. Succeed Less.

Read an excerpt from *[Hiding in the Bathroom](*, out September 26.